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Our process includes the following stages:

1. Pre-Strip
  • Wheels are removed from the vehicle
  • Tyres are removed from the wheels and visually inspected for low tread, damage to the sidewall, bulges and punctures
  • Visual inspection of the wheels for any cracks
  • Wheels are then spun to check if they are buckled
  • Wheels are placed into our chemical stripping tanks to remove all existing paint and lacquer
  • Once the wheels are fully stripped they are removed and thoroughly washed
  • Wheels go through an automated shot blasting machine  to lightly etch the surface in preparation for powder-coating
  • Manual machining is carried out to remove light kerb damage
  • If any welding or straightening is required it will be carried out in this stage of the process
  • Wheels are pre-heated and then powder-coated in primer
  • Oven cured prior to wet painting the customers’ choice of colour
  • Powder-coat lacquer applied and oven cured in order to achieve exceptional clarity and durability of the finished wheel
  • Tyres are refitted to wheels
  • Balanced using adhesive weights
  • Wheels fitted back onto the vehicle 

(If applicable)

  • Precision diamond cutting lathe used to machine the surface of the alloy wheel removing a few 1/1000 of an inch at a time